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- Taylor Swift

Friday, December 21, 2012

Video Friday: The Guttmacher Institute

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Adelaide Dupont said...

I remember you used material sourced from the Guttmacher to make several points around the accessibility of abortion.

(in the "Reality of Abortion" part 1 and 2 posts? - mostly myth #2 and #3).

Really enjoyed the second video; which got into the demographics of abortion in the USA and the rights involved.

(Guttmacher and I would seem to have a difference about "older teens" - I consider them 16-17, and they call them 18-19. Of course with the US drinking age >21... It's a fine fine line.

"Older teens" pre-age of consent = 14-15?

General point about teens not having as many abortions as those in their 20s and most women having had them if they're going to have them by 45).

Watching the "Abortion in the World" closely. The "World" video focuses a lot on decisions and reasons. I really paid attention around the 2 minute mark.

Happy Video Friday!