"I don't think that being a strong person is about ignoring your emotions and fighting your feelings. Putting on a brave face doesn't mean you're a brave person. That's why everybody in my life knows everything that I'm going through. I can't hide anything from them. People need to realise that being open isn't the same as being weak."

- Taylor Swift

Saturday, April 25, 2009

have you ever tried to jam a triangle into a circle hole?

Poof. No comments. I hope that just means you read my posts and were so amazed that it rendered you speechless.

Nah, just kidding.

I consider myself a triangle. Why?

Okay, I'll explain.

Be warned this is the most mathematical thing you will *ever* get out of me.

Triangles are the quirkiest of the regular polygons (that are drawable). Yes, I know, decagons are quirkier, but seriously, the only people who can draw them are Australians. Why? Just trace around a fifty cent piece, of course.

But what the buck. I'm a TRIANGLE.

Triangles are the strongest shape, although they do not always look strong. Triangles are often considered to be half a square, but a triangle is a shape in itself.

Yah get my drift?


Anyhoo, I am a triangle trying to fit into a circle - a really small circle, called society. Circles annoy me. They're bloody hard to draw. The formulas for circles always seem to revolve around pi, for some strange reason - why can't it just be length times width? Why do circles do that to us!?

And they seem to go "Nyah, nyah, we're the only shape *allowed* to have curvy edges! Real shapes have curves!"

At least, that's what they seem to do.

Yes, I know, circles are probably not the only shape with curvy edges, but what the buck. Don't ruin my already-pathetic rant.

Seriously, I don't know whether it's because I'm Asian, or I'm smart, or I'm ugly, or I was born at some really unlucky conjunction of planets or something - like, Uranus farted on Jupiter the moment I was born. But seriously, everything I seem to do offends people.

Okay, I get offended pretty easily. Okay, very easily. And people call me *sensitive*. They just don't get why I get worked up over the things that I get worked up over. They're just think I've gone nuts.

Wrong. I'm too nutty to get any nuttier.

And then I say these things and then people hang up phones on me or start yelling at me for like half a century. Or they give me the silent treatment. Seriously. What did I do? People offend me all the time, with things like:

"Oh my god, you got a pimple!"

Yeah, thanks for reminding me.

And then I say something, and sometimes it's even a *compliment*, and they go right off. I mean, are you serious, they just go completely off. I don't even go wacko anymore - I just pretend they didn't say anything. Otherwise the world would have run out of Kleenexes a long time ago. But they just start screaming as though I've said every single insult in every single language known to man.

I just don't get it. What did I do?

They say I'm sensitive for getting worked up, then they say that I'm insensitive for offending other people. Does that mean I'm sensitively insensitive? Or insensitively sensitive?

I dunno. This place is weird.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Australian Way.

Australia is very different to the rest of the world.

Most people would think we just CBF doing a very good job in cooking, cleaning, hygiene...anything, actually. But that's not true. We are very good cooks and cleaners and we are quite hygienic...well, most of us, anyway. But we actually live life instead of perfecting it.

There is no specific Australian "look" - we're a motley gang. We all look different and we all look beautiful. Have you ever been on morphthing.com and found that two faces morphed together sometimes looks prettier than the two seperate faces? Yeah, that's a bit like us. We keep getting prettier by the generation.

Just to clear things up:

Our school year goes from early February to mid December, with Easter break, Winter break, Spring break and Summer break. In that order. At the moment it's supposedly autumn. The weather is a bit psycho here.

We have two kinds of schools: government (aka public) and private. Government schools are funded and run by the government, and are not allowed (well, in theory) to be political or religious or biased in any other way. Government schools have very low fees that are supposedly voluntary. Private schools are independently owned and run and funded by churches and by school fees, which are very costly. Private schools are generally stricter and follow some kind of church or belief, and are sometimes single-sex. Most government schools do not offer boarding, wherelse most private schools do. If you have a scholarship in some public schools or you live outside of the Perth metrapolitan area and you are accepted into Perth Modern School, there is a special boarding house. Just to be more confusing, a private school here is exactly the same as a public school in England.

Kangaroos and koalas do not roam around suburban areas, and the only places you will actually see one is in the middle of god-knows-where or in a zoo. Seriously. Koalas don't even live in Western Australia, which is where I live, anyway.

SYDNEY IS NOT THE CAPITAL!!! The capital is Canberra, which is in the tiny territory called the Australian Capital Territory (ironically), or ACT which is in New South Wales near the Victorian border.

It is not *always* hot. In summer, the weather is about 20 degrees Celcius (68 farenheit) at night and can get up to 45 (113) or higher, but normally it's about 30 to 35 (86 to 95). In winter, nights can get as cold as 0 degrees (32), but it's normally around 8 or 10 (46.4 to 50). During the day, it's normally around 15 (59) but it can get as warm as 20 or 22 (68 or 71.6) or as cold as 11 or 12 (51.8 or (53.6). Well, that's in Perth, anyway, which has Mediterranian (however you spell that) weather. In some places the temperature is more stable throughout the year, but in central and north Australia the weather is a bit more extreme - the days are very hot and the nights are very cold. And it does snow here, contrary to popular belief, just not around where I live. In Tasmania, mostly, and the higher areas of Victoria and New South Wales. It even snowed in Brisbane, once, but that's quite rare, because it's in sunny Queensland. There's a big drought problem here, too, although it floods every now and again in Queensland and it's quite wet in Sydney sometimes - although Perth is very dry. At the moment, it's nighttime and cold, and I'm wearing autumn clothing, but tomorrow it might be really hot or even colder.

We don't all speak with an Australian accent, and not all of us exclaim 'Crikey!', as the late Steve Irwin famously did. Nearly the whole population are immigrants or descended from immigrants, and most speak two or three languages - the native language of both parents, and yes, sometimes that does mean you have to learn two languages - plus English. In theory, I should know four languages, because my mother knows Mandarin and Cantonese and my dad is Korean, but I'm just really good at English and really lousy at Chinese and Korean.

As I mentioned earlier, there aren't alot of Aboriginal people. They mostly live in remote towns, although some do live in the big cities. The majority of the population are actually mixed-race, and every country is probably represented in Australia. In Perth, there are lots of Chinese, Singaporean, Vietnamese, Indian, English and Middle Eastern (mostly Afghan) communities, with smaller Sri Lankan, Hong Kongnese, Korean, Italian, Polish, Malaysian and Taiwanese communities. It's a mixed bag, and there are lots of mixed-race people (not meaning to be rascist, I just don't know how else to describe them), especially in this Y generation.

We have Krispy Kreme and Starbucks and other American brands here, and some are popular and some are not. Actually, Starbucks wasn't really popular at all, so they closed down all the Australian branches. Gloria Jeans is much more popular. There are lots of big Australian brands here, mostly surf brands - Billabong, Roxy, Rusty, Quicksilver - and our big (expensive) department stores are Myer and David Jones. Most working class people shop at Woolworths, or "Woolies" as it is known, Target (which is pronnounced 'Tar-jay' here to make it sound more classy), IGA and Big W. There's a big emphasis on jeans here, and my favourite stores are Just Jeans and Jeanswest, and popular stores for teenagers are Jay Jays, which sell dirt cheap clothes, Diva, which sells dirt cheap jewellery, and Ice, which sells dirt cheap makeup. Most teenagers shop around shopping centres, but the most popular place to shop in Perth is Murray Street Mall, Carillion City and Hay Street Mall, which are all in the middle of the city and connected by plazas that are also full of shops. London Square, which is nearby the malls as well, is really popular for looking like a rennaisance European town, but there aren't very good shops there. We don't have Wall-Mart here, and we're not allowed to buy guns. Tobacco and alcahol is illegal until your eighteen. We have IKEA here as well, and it's enormous - it used to be really big but they replaced it with an even bigger complex.

Aussie terms:

Australian - Aussie
Mosquito - mozzie
Barbeque - barbie
Afternoon - arvo
Kilograms - kilos or kayjees
Pullover - jumper
Swimming costume - bathers or cossie
Englishman - pom
A not-very-nice Englishman - pommy bastard
Bottle of beer - stubbie
Woman/Girl - sheila or lass
Man/Boy - bloke or lad
Fries - Hot Chips
Crisps - Chips
Old car - old bomb
Good day - G'day
Good night - G'night
Kangaroo - roo
Redhead - ranga
Airhead - Froot Loop
Breakfast - brekky

and the list goes on.

I cbf typing anymore. Goodnight.

Iced Coffee Recipe

I don't really know why I'm publishing all these recipes.


And yes, Chamal, I know Sri Lanka does produce coffee...(I think...)


I love coffee. Gloria Jeans (which is a coffee shop, btw, that is as popular here as Starbucks is in America) is my favourite place. In summer, I have the Very Vanilla Chiller, which is a flavoured expresso milk slushie. In winter, I have the Very Vanilla Latte, which is flavoured expresso latte. Yum. Super unhealthy - lots of milk and sugary vanilla syrup, but what the buck - I love it.

But I am not so rich as to have Gloria Jeans every day. At school, I buy iced mochas - nothing fancy, just flavoured milk in those little card cartons, but they're yummy. Sometimes I but coffee from the coffee machine on cold days because it's hot and cheaper, but it's not very nice and the machine is *always* broken - and our year coordinator hates coffee so much we're not allowed to buy it on school excursions and he cbf fixing the coffee machine. At home, I just have boring old dark roast instant coffee. Actually, it was medium roast but now it's dark roast - I don't do the shopping, I just drink whatever's there.

This is a new recipe I've made - it's a...an iced mocha latte, I suppose. Actually, it's not normally very cold because I don't normally like putting ice in coffee - it goes all watery, which is why I have chillers and not coffee on the rocks at Gloria Jeans but I can't make chillers at home. But I put too much hot water in it the last time I made it so I had to put a couple of ice cubes in there, but they melted and it tasted funny.

Anyhoo, here's the recipe:

Enough instant coffee for one person
A very big glass - well, not huge, but oh whatevs. My glass is pretty big, but you might not like so much milk.
Boiling water
Chocolate powder (hot chocolate or Nesquik or Milo or WHATEVS)
Ice, if wanted - make iceblocks out of milk - if possible, never tried it before - if you don't want it all watery.

I use full cream milk, because you add water already, and if you add iceblocks than it's really watery, but...if you really care about your waistline more than your tastebuds, use skim.


Put coffee and half a teaspoon each of chocolate powder and sugar into glass. Add a tiny bit of hot water and stir. Add milk. Add ice. Done.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Iced Tea Recipe

Hey guys. It's me again.


I'm bored - I'm waiting for this beauty video to load, so whilst I'm waiting I'll put a recipe on my blog!

Why? Because I'm bored.


Enough tea leaves/tea bags for about five people
375ml of your favourite soda, or clear juice
5 teaspoons of sugar
Tea strainer - if you don't have one use a fine linen cloth

Other stuff:

Heatproof jug
1.25 litre bottle


It doesn't matter what tea you use. Seriously. Chai tea, green tea, English tea, Chinese tea - it seriously doesn't matter. If you're using packet stuff that has added sugar (most of them do), reduce how much sugar you add to the iced tea.

Citrus sodas are good - as in, lemon squash or lemon and lime. Plain lemonades and club sodas work good as well.

Any non-opaque juice works really well with this recipe - but if it has added sugar or if it's super dooper sweet, reduce how much sugar you add. Orange, mango, cloudy apple juices and apricot nectar don't really work.

If you don't like juice or soda, you can add honey or sugar to water, or just use plain or mineral water.

It doesn't really matter what kind of sugar you use - white, raw, brown, whatever - you can also use sweetners like Splenda, or honey. You can add more or less sugar - as a rough guide, I love sugar and five (Australian) teaspoons is enough for me.

I actually don't measure how much water I put in - roughly I put about 1/8 of a cup, but that was just a guess. You don't have to put water in at all, or you can dilute it quite a lot - but that means you'll need a bigger bottle.


1. Put tea bags/tea leaves in a teapot with 1 cup of boiling water and leave to infuse.
2. Put sugar into a heatproof jug and add a little hot water. Stir to dissolve.
3. Once sugar is dissolved add just under 1 cup of cool water and pour sugar mixture into the bottle. (A funnel will help)
4. Pour the tea into the heatproof jug through a tea strainer and add 1 cup of cool water. Pour this into the bottle as well.
5. Pour 375ml (one average soft drink can) of chilled juice or soda into the bottle, top up with water.
6. Making sure the bottle is tightly sealed, gently tip upside down for a few seconds and then pull it upright again. Do this a few times. (note: DO NOT SHAKE!!! especially if you used soda...)
7. Put in the freezer until as cold as you would like - I normally do mine until there are tiny bits of ice floating in it, but if it's half frozen and you shake it up you got yourself a slushie - before transfering to the fridge. Alternatively, you can chill overnight in the refrigerator, or serve unchilled tea on the rocks.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

...my life from then till now...

Sorry I haven't been blogging for ever so long!

We've just moved house, so we haven't had internet for ages - even now, there's only internet on one computer - my sister's. I've been going insane. I have a habit of checking my inbox several times a day, because I get quite a few emails, but I haven't been able to check it for like two weeks, and now I have to read through THIRTY emails! THIRTY! I don't think I've had an inbox so full since I changed email addresses and forgot to tell anyone so when I logged into my old inbox there were like 180 unreads or something wacky like that.

I've been sadly Wikipedia deprived too - even though I don't edit it anymore, I can't stand coming across anything unfamiliar without looking it up, and there's only so much a dictionary can do.

And of course, I've missed my blogs and all of my blogger friends so, so, much. I can't wait to read all of your comments!

My life from then till now...

Well, my science teacher hates me. And I hate him. Period.

I've lost two friends but gained three....kinda hard to explain. You know the friend that was Jimmy's girlfriend? We've kinda broken off. And my best friend and I had a huge row over...well, I don't really want to talk about it. It was just this afternoon.

My new friends are all year nines - the girl who sits next to me in orchestra and her two best friends. They're really nice.

We're on school holiday now, and because of Easter and all the public holidays, it's nearly three weeks instead of the normal two. Yippee! I've been doing some serious retail therapy - I've already blown about seventeen dollars, which is a lot for me, seeing as I rarely go shopping. But I do love going out - I went out with my new best friend to the city, it was so much fun. She blew seventy dollars! And I felt guilty spending seventeen, lol. No wonder her mother banned her from shopping - she called our outing *light* shopping!

I'm going to Europe next month - so excited. Really, really excited. I'm looking forward to blogging about it, hopefully whilst I'm overseas if I have access to internet, but if not, I'll fill you guys in when I get back.

I have a new crush - a year niner in my class, incredibly cute - did I mention I'm taking year nine English now? Anyway, this guy is so cute - tall, with this incredibly deep voice, with dark features and blonde hair. Phwar....

Life as a freshman is hard - especially seeing as I've just changed timetable, so I've had to leave all my core classes and join new ones, so I have to familiarize myself with new teachers, new classes, new timetables, new standards. But I love it. It keeps me on my toes.

I really want to hear fron all you guys soon!