"I don't think that being a strong person is about ignoring your emotions and fighting your feelings. Putting on a brave face doesn't mean you're a brave person. That's why everybody in my life knows everything that I'm going through. I can't hide anything from them. People need to realise that being open isn't the same as being weak."

- Taylor Swift

Saturday, November 13, 2010


So there's this new song released by Katy Perry called 'Peacock'. Sounds innocent enough, hey, but think again. The lyrics go like this: I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock/Your peacock, cock/Your peacock, cock, cock/Your peacock/I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock/Your peacock, cock/Your peacock, cock, cock/Your peacock.

Got the message yet? We wanna see your, ahem, peacock.

Before you say this is vulgar, it's just fun. Seriously. And if guys can sing songs like this => Tight jeans/double d's/makes a man go twit-twoo then girls can sing about peacocks. Why are guys allowed to f**k around and we're not?

I'm not saying that all girls think about it 24/7 (or as much as some guys I know), but we have the right to do and think and say what we want. It's called freedom. Liberty. Every woman's right. We are human, you know. Girls don't just dream of love and boys don't just dream of sex. It should be okay to mix it up a bit.

Sex is such a taboo for girls. We're not meant to like it or think about it or be curious about it or even sing about it, for crying out loud. If the song was called 'Puppies' and sung by a guy nobody would give a second thought. But no, girls aren't even allowed to use a substitute for the abominable p-word.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Yes, there probably are songs about "puppies" meaning breasts. As in: "I want to see your puppies".

When I type in "Peacock", I get "peafowl" and then a disambiguation page. One has to love Wikipedia.

It's got a bit of throb and thrust to it. Just the sort of music teenage girls should listen to and make.

And it gets into the meaning, all right!