"I don't think that being a strong person is about ignoring your emotions and fighting your feelings. Putting on a brave face doesn't mean you're a brave person. That's why everybody in my life knows everything that I'm going through. I can't hide anything from them. People need to realise that being open isn't the same as being weak."

- Taylor Swift

Sunday, January 13, 2013

bird tracks in the snow

there were bird tracks
and paw prints

stamped into snow
and carved into ice

and somehow

though sunshine and rainy days
will take them away

they will forever remain
in my mind

and here i am
'where we make history', they say

but finding a blank space
for my name
in the history books

is like finding a warm, empty place
in this barren, frozen, bustling landscape

she wants the silence
but fears the solitude

she wants to be alone and together with you.

Inspired by Landscape (Demo) by Florence + the Machine
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