"I don't think that being a strong person is about ignoring your emotions and fighting your feelings. Putting on a brave face doesn't mean you're a brave person. That's why everybody in my life knows everything that I'm going through. I can't hide anything from them. People need to realise that being open isn't the same as being weak."

- Taylor Swift

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Now Playing: White Winter Hymnal (Cover) by Birdy (scarves of red tied round their throats to keep their little heads from falling in the snow)

Tea or Coffee?

Primarily tea, although I get mega cranky if I don't have my large latte from my favourite espresso bar before uni. My dad is a big tea fan, and my initiation into the world of tea was, ahem, five mugs of tea in a row. My favourites are Earl Grey and Vanilla Chai. I don't drink coffee at home because I haven't got a french press and I hate instant coffee.

Hank or John?

Funnily enough although Hank has featured twice on my blog I actually like John better because he's a history bug and a lit freak and a BESTSELLING AUTHOR oh and did I mention I absolutely love the story of him and the Yeti and his son is freaking adorable?

Books or eReaders?

I had a kobo and I hated it, and now I will tolerate reading books on my iPad (although no amount of technological awesome stops a free historical erotic fiction being laughably terrible and as sexy as a flatulent rhino) but honestly...I still love my books. Real books.

Delena or Stelena?


Favourite Harry Potter character?

Hermione, although I think of myself as a blend of Luna, Hermione and Ginny

Favourite song?

At the moment? White Winter Hymnal by the Fleet Foxes, (the cover by Birdy is also pretty awesome and much easier to sing along to) but my favourite song of all time is Never Let Me Go by Florence + the Machine. All that being said, though, my favourite artist is Taylor Swift. Have I confused you yet?

Now reading?

Supposedly Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close because my English tutor told us so, but I'm actually reading Lolita.

Favourite book?

Gah. Too many. Too fucking many.

Hogwarts house?

Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

Bacon or cake?


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars.

Favourite Austen novel?

Pride & Prejudice

Favourite Javert?

This guy

How old were you...

Started school: five, although I'd been in childcare since before I turned one
Left school: sixteen
First fell in love: eight
First love: thirteen (if you don't know the difference then you are actually considering the possibility that eight year olds are worth loving by people other than their mother)
Hairy fairy: apparently before eleven, but I genuinely can't remember because it was never a big deal until about three days before I first got rid of it
First lost tooth: Six? Seven? Probably seven. I remember being a late bloomer on that front.
The p-word: nearly twelve
First iPod: eight
First surgery: three months
First relocation: two, from the Perth Hills to the southern suburbs, and then when I was thirteen we moved to the northern suburbs
First kiss: sixteen
First plane trip: I have done the Great Singapore Dash more times than I can remember since forever but the first non-Singapore plane trip was to Korea via Malaysia when I was seven
Hit five feet: about ten or eleven, but I've grown a grand total of two inches since.

Where in the world have you been?
In WA Perth (obviously), Bremer Bay, Lancelin, Kalbari, Karlgoolie, and lots of other country towns and remote outback places, interstate Sydney and Melbourne, overseas Singapore, England, Scotland, Turkey, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia and I have almost definitely forgotton some place

Pirates or ninjas?


Teenage nicknames?

G, coined by my friend using my email signature as an apparently necessary abbreviation of my two syllable name. Although admittedly I have also abbreviated his two syllable name too. Laziness is one of the few things we have in common :P

Dandelions or Dandy lions?

Dandelions, because I'm Korean and we eat that shit (well, not me personally, but the collective we as in the population of Koreans do)

Are there any words you still can't spell?

Yeeeeees. I get my z's and s's mixed up (like realise or realize) because as an Australian academic I'm supposed to be writing in British English but there's so much exposure to American culture (plus my anthropology professor is American and despite her doctorate in people skills and social mores she apparently still hasn't picked up our spelling differences) and there are lots of words that I can't spell but the worst one I think is boregieoouse...that one.

If you could live in any period of history what would it be?

Joseon Korea, because I would have a fairly good chance of becoming a royal concubine (and oh my goodness, the clooothes), Tudor England because the costumes are also amazing but honestly, given my Internet obsession and my addiction to illegally downloaded music...probably this one.

Peeta or Gale?

Hmm. I like em both in the same way that I like Damon and Stefan, but I would personally choose...gah...probably Peeta if he looked like Gale :P

What are you afraid of?

Hyperdermic needles, pain, the dark, certain people I will not name, and rejection.

Do you have any advice about high school?

Most teachers are bullshitting most of the time, use high school to fall in love and find something to fall in love with that you want to do for the rest of your life (top tip: a person doesn't count) and no matter what anyone says to you these are definitely not the best years of your life unless your life sucks.

Do you have any advice abut uni?

Uni is infinitely cooler than high school but also much harder, more confusing and emotionally draining. And also requires much more coffee. My real advice about uni is to not be afraid of learning what you want to learn because if you're good at something and you love that something job prospects will always be good.

Favourite movie?

Gaaaah...I've seen lots of good movies, but I like lots of different movies for different reasons. I just watched Warm Bodies which was pretty freaking awesome.

Favourite Disney movie?

Errr...is Lion King Disney?

Would you ever get a cat?

Yes, and I would call it Char Kway Meow (I have a feeling that joke will be lost on my mostly white friends and noodle worshipping family)

Favourite year of high school?

Year eleven, although year twelve was by far the most interesting and dramatic and intense and my best moments of year twelve were better than my best moments of year eleven...although the worst moments were infinitely worse.

Big Macs or Whoppers?

...never actually had either. The lamb burgers from grill'd are pretty fucking awesome though.

Favourite band?

Florence + the Machine

Second favourite band?


Third favourite band?

Fleet Foxes (I was following the I was following the I was following the I was following the I...)

Favourite shirt?

I have a shirt that says 'Stand Firm Defend Your Style'. Me likey.

Favourite scent?

Florally spicy vanilla-y scents. Favourite perfume? Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift.

Favourite city?


Do you wish you had a different name?

Ehhhh...in Korea I don't have a problem with it. In my current country of residence the spelling of my name is like on speed. So I wanna change it.

Favourite type of pie?

Apple. Shepherd. Pepper Steak. Curry Puff.


Favourite play?

The Importance of Being Earnest, Arcadia and Macbeth. And A Streetcar Named Desire.

Favourite teacher?


Favourite poem?

probably Postcards by Sarah Kay and To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvel

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

...Team Henry DeTamble and Books That Do Not Suck, motherfuckers.

What questions do people in real life ask you the most?

1. So seriously, how do you actually spell your actual name? (jiyut iyun shiot oo)
2. Where are you from? No, like really, where are you actually from? (the question I like to call 'why aren't you white?')
3. So are you guys like... (the answer is always no.)

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