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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Five Reasons Why Australians Should Not Vote For Ms Gillard As PM

As I have said over and over, I have no problem with religious people. I do have a problem with religion, but I believe in religious freedom and I think that everyone has the right to believe, or not believe, in whatever they bloody want.

But I'm sick and tired of this small, insanely annoying percentage of the religious population taking such a biased, stupid, and narrow-minded perspective they make everyone who is religious look bad. Like this son of a gun who wrote this article: Five Reasons Why Australians Should Not Vote For Ms Gillard as PM. The five reasons were:

1. A vote for Labor is a vote for the Greens
2. Ms Gillard is living in a de facto relationship
3. Ms Gillard is an Atheist
4. Ms Gillard doesn't have children
5. Mis Gillard refuses to take the Oath on the Bible.

This is a load of utter shit. Excuse my French.

First things first, I personally wouldn't vote for Labor - I'm a born-again Greenie. I just don't agree with some of Labor's policies, and that's just that. I may be underaged, but I still have the right to political freedom.

As for the first of the retarded reasons, if a vote for Labor is a vote for the Greens, then I am sure as hell voting for Labor. The Greens are the clear, modern way forward. What does this dude - Dr Nalliah - have against the Greens? Oh, wait, yeah, I remember. Legalizing gay marriage. God, you'd think that this is the stone age - gay people are not sons of the devil, they're not all mass murderers, they're not abnormal or unnatural or whatever. Gay people are just normal people and they deserve the same rights.

The second reason is completely irrelevant to Julia Gillard and the Labor government. I believe that sexual orientation and maritial status is completely irrelevant to politics. I may not believe in de facto relationships and I personally wouldn't enter one myself, but a de facto relationship is recognised by Australian law and Julia Gillard has every right to be in one, Prime Minister or not. Mr Nalliah goes on to say that 'seven out of ten men in a de facto relationship are scared to get married as they are scared for their possessions in the event of a divorce, and therefore Ms Gillard is setting a bad example to women' and that 'most women that I (Nalliah) have spoken to would like to be married and settle down with a husband and children'. First of all, his first claim is not backed by any official statistic and is utter shite, and anyway, just because seven out of ten men think that way doesn't mean it's necessarily a bad thing or that Julia Gillard's partner isn't one of the three who disagree with that, and there is nothing wrong with women who enter de facto relationships. Second of all, 'Dr Nalliah', the reason why all the women you talk to want to settle down and get married is because you founded a particularly brain washing evangical cult and the BIG DREAM of all those women's lives is to be a doormat for men. Get a life and talk to some proper women.

The third reason is also completely irrelevant - I personally believe that religion and politics should be kept separate as much as possible, so by rights Dr Nalliah should keep his stupid trap shut, at least in the name of God. I'm a proud Atheist myself and I think it would be good for Australia and Australian politics not to be influenced by religion for a change. quote 'Are we going to let the minority rule in a free and democratic nation?'. Yes, Dr Nalliah, we are. the majority rules, but the minority rocks.

Ms Gillard does not have children - why doesn't he have 'Ms Gillard has ten fingers' as one of the reasons? It would have been more relevant.

I'm a firm believer in that you can do whatever the hell you want when it comes to religion, just don't try and convert people. So what if she doesn't take the Oath on the Bible? You can take as many bible oaths as you want. Just because the Oath isn't made on the Bible doesn't mean that it is any less sincere, or that a Oath made on the Bible is guaranteed to come from the heart.

It makes me sick when people oppose politicians not because they don't agree with their policies or whatever, but because of personal choices like maritial status and religion. If you deny rights to people who who are different because of something they can't change or control, then go to hell. If you oppose someone purely because they're childless and unmarried, then go to hell. People say I'm narrow minded - but the truly narrow minded are people like Dr Nalliah, who are so blinded by romantic thoughts of God and Angels that they refuse to support the end of suffering for fellow human beings.


Blur Ting said...

While I am not an Australian, I share your views especially the one where religion or sexual orientation should be kept separate from politics. You write so well Lady Renegade!

Guess Who said...

Have you heard that she plans on making 6-day school weeks?
It's like, "Oh yeah, you guys don't need weekends, but I'll allow a pupil free day once in a while!"
At least school wouldn't start til 10am...but it would finish at four...