"I don't think that being a strong person is about ignoring your emotions and fighting your feelings. Putting on a brave face doesn't mean you're a brave person. That's why everybody in my life knows everything that I'm going through. I can't hide anything from them. People need to realise that being open isn't the same as being weak."

- Taylor Swift

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Going to the Dogs

I had a lovely day today.

First of all, I'm sick. I had to cancel on a party. Never like doing that.

Second of all, my dog was starting to resemble a smelly overgrown, miniature wookie. so it was washing day.

Before washing comes trimming. My dog's fringe remains resolutely flopped over her face no matter how many times I cut it so I made the decision to cut all the hair on her head about yay big. Easier said than done. My sister and I ended up chasing a very grumpy silky over the patio for about three hours, and she looked like an idiot once we were done - her head was tiny and her body looked huge in proportion.

So I ended up drenching the laundry with dirty water whilst trying to wash an extremely grumpy dog with an extremely stupid haircut constantly trying to pull a houdini when coughing and crampy.

On the bright side, I had some good food today.

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Blur Ting said...

Hilarious! Maybe you should cut the fur on his body too? Oh, but that would mean running after him for another 5 hours.