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- Taylor Swift

Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Poll.

I've been on a Shakespeare spree today.

Next year for lit we're studying Hamlet, so I tried to give myself a head start.

I don't really like it. They all die at the end, and then some random comes in and takes the throne. WTF?

The plays on the poll are the Shakespeare plays that I am familiar with.

In case you're interested in my opinions of the plays:

romeo and juliet: I don't like romeo, but I like the play. Who doesn't?

a midsummer night's dream: to be honest, it's the only Shakespeare comedy that I like. As the RSC famously put it, 'the tragedies are funnier than the comedies!'

macbeth: my favourite Shakespeare play.

hamlet: don't like it, don't get it.

the taming of the shrew: sexist...although I did like Ten Things I Hate About You :)

So there you are.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

My favourite Shakespeare play of the tragedies is Macbeth. King Lear would probably come second.

Of the histories I enjoyed Antony and Cleopatra.

The romance I enjoyed most was probably The Tempest. Cymbeline is also gentle and fun.

And my favourite comedy would probably be 12th Night. Very good to read around January the 6th! And I also want to read more of The comedy of errors.