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- Taylor Swift

Monday, April 16, 2012

How to wash your hair with the kitchen pantry.

for excess sebum, troublesome scalps and dandruff

2tbsp sugar
1tbsp honey
1tsp powdered cinnamon
2-3 drops tea tree oil

1. Wet hair
2. Mix ingredients together into a thick grainy paste.
3. Rub into scalp.
4. Comb through to ends with wet fingers
5. Rinse out. Thoroughly. The cinnamon is a bit of a bitch.

for all hair types.

2 teabags
2 cups water
2 tbsp white vinegar

1. Brew two teabags in one cup of water
2. Add one cup cool water to tea, pour into a drink bottle or old ketchup bottle
3. Add vinegar
4. After shampooing, tip over hair and comb through.
5. Sit for a few minutes
6. Rinse.

(I haven't tried this one. Will do soon.)

Fresh rosemary
Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Fill jar with two or three handfuls of rosemary
2. Fill with vinegar and seal
3. Store in cool dark place for two weeks
4. Add 1/4 cup rosemary mixture to 1 cup water
5. After shampooing tip over hair and comb through.
5. Sit for a few minutes
6. Leave in if you dare. Rinse out if you're chicken.

1. Don't stick to a schedule. Just wash your hair whenever it gets greasy/dirty.
2. Argan oil or olive oil on frizzy bits and ends when you feel like cheating. Vinegar is pretty cool, but doesn't work miracles.
3. Experiment! And don't worry if people think you're strange.
4. Try not to make a mess. Once I'm done making/using all my weird concoctions the bathroom always looks like a crime scene XD. 

I actually have no idea how the honey cleans. Maybe it's so sticky it just sticks to the dirt? Who knows. The sugar is a manual exfoliant, the cinnamon is meant to prevent hair breakage and hair loss and the tea tree oil is meant to cure excess oil and dandruff. Green tea and rosemary are also meant to help with hair loss, and weak acids restores the ph balance of hair and detangles.

I must tell you flat out that no-poo is troublesome. It was a pain to mix the bicarb and even more of a pain when it started leaving grey wax in my hair. (The sugar honey shampoo gets rid of that in two applications. Bicarb should really be used more as a way into water-only no-pooing or as a once in a while deep clean). Before I shower I have to whip up a fresh shampoo every time, and brew tea. I use absurd amounts of vinegar, not only on my hair but for general cleaning. It is not much fun at all to scrub sugar into your hair, and is even more of a pain to wash out. The number of times I've gotten vinegar in my eyes is ridiculous. And you miss out on the lovely smell of freshly shampooed hair, and the glossy silkiness of conditioner.

Buuut...my hair is healthy. It doesn't have that chemical tang or that funny coating of conditioner. It's not falling out or flaking up. I can go one or even two days without washing my hair, whereas before it started greasing up an hour after I got into the shower.And I can say that I wash my hair with sugar! How cool is that?

But you have to think about what shampoo is doing to us. Not only is it killing our hair, the chemicals in shampoo leach into our bodies. Think about how close to our brain that is. This is especially important for pregnant or nursing mothers, because these chemicals can go from the mother's body to the child. Shampoo is also a massive waste of resources, not environmentally sustainable given how much plastic is used to package it and isn't so great for the environment.

There are lots of ways to go no-poo. It's actually great fun experimenting, researching. Nothing is going to be as easy as normal shampoo, but where's the fun in that? I really think that everyone can no-poo, and everyone should at least try it.

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