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- Taylor Swift

Sunday, April 15, 2012

i washed my hair with sugar.

and it's actually pretty good.

I wanted an alternative anti-sham, and after extensive googling I decided to try a 'sugar shampoo' - sugar mixed with honey as a shampoo - about 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of honey is plenty for one application. I used white sugar, but you're supposed to use brown sugar...I don't see that it makes a lot of difference...

I've been using acid conditioners for a little while (using weak acid to detangle/smooth hair) but I've decided that vinegar on its own doesn't do a whole lot. So I brewed two cups of green tea, added two tablespoons of vinegar, put it all in a bottle and looked forward to not pouring freezing cold liquid all over my hair.

So, with wet hair, scrub sticky syrupy honey sugar mess into scalp. Not a lot of fun, standing wet and freezing in the shower rubbing ant magnet into your hair, but there is a kind of novelty to it. Let it sit, comb through to ends, then rinse. Thoroughly.

Even after lots of rinsing my hair felt kind of heavy and my hands were WATERPROOF. No joke. I don't know whether it's because of all the bicarb residue washing out or just some honey magic going on in my head but I was not too impressed.

But then, I tipped the green tea all over my hair, combed it through, let it sit, rinsed it out.

And I got my silky Asian hair that makes all the peroxide blondes turn green back! WOOHOO!!!

When my hair was drying I swear I could still smell the vinegar, but that always disappears once your hair is dry.

Despite washing my hair with sugar, which is still messing with my head, my hair is really nice and soft and clean, and is meant to be really good for the scalp. I'd say that the sugar and green tea has gotten rid of 90% of the weird waxy residue from washing my hair with bicarb (not such a good idea, in retrospect XD).

I guess the only thing to keep in mind is that if you don't wash out the honey properly you might attract wildlife. Also, honey lightens hair over time, which I shouldn't mind given that I did spend twelve hours with hot muddy henna in my hair in a desperate attempt for a bit of colour (all I got were some random vague red tints here and there) but after hacking off my dyed hair I'm starting to really like the rich dark tumble of wet hair after my shower.

Now that I've done this, I'll keep experimenting. Apparently adding cinnamon to the honey encourages hair growth and prevents hair loss, and tea tree stops the scalp doing any funky business. I also want to experiment with different teas, which should be loads of fun.

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