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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

random questions on hair

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My friends, incidentally, think that I'm bonkers because I wash my hair with...potions.

But I'm good with that ;P

Here are some of the common/weird questions I've gotten.

Don't you attract wildlife? 

Why do we only connect hygiene and cleanliness with toxic chemicals? My hair is clean. The oats I'll admit is a bit of a bitch to wash out, but sugar and honey and applesauce are completely water soluble. My hair smells like nothing once its dry...well, maybe occasionally it'll smell like cinnamon. When it's a bit damp it just smells like apple pie; which you have to admit is pretty cool.

Vinegar? Really???

I have given myself contact burns on occasion with vinegar; random red streaks on my skin that disappear within half an hour. But vinegar is really important in maintaining the ph balance of the hair, and is a natural detangler that makes your hair all soft and nice. And once your hair is completely dry there's no trace of vinegar smell.  

Isn't your hair oily/frizzy/dry/rough/nasty/disgusting/etc?

Bahahaha no...I've only just found out recently that most hair and scalp problems are caused by improper ph balance; this is the theory behind acid conditioners. Hair is typically 'happy' between 4-7 on the ph scale, which is acidic to neutral. I only have two 'conditioning' ingredients in my potion - honey, which is a humectant, and a few drops of argan oil. The rest of the nice stuff is just by maintaining an acidic ph and letting my hair do its thing. My hair is the best it's ever been; it only gets a tad greasy because I keep playing with it...

Didn't you survive using shampoo?

Of course I did. I've dyed my hair, used endless amounts of hairspray and gel and mouse, curled it to oblivion, tried every single brand of shampoo and conditioner out there; been there, done that. I'm not saying you'll die of shampoo. I'm just saying that it's not very good for you and that there are better ways to wash your hair. Shampoo in China, for example, have traces of carcinogens in it, and chemicals in shampoo have been linked to birth defects.

Cinnamon and tea won't actually help with dandruff/hairloss...

We live in a world where we expect immediate results without caring about the consequences and side effects, and everything has to be 200% scientifically proven before we believe anything . Natural remedies take time, but I'm convinced that by only using natural ingredients and freshly-made potions I'm doing my hair a favour.   

Isn't it massively time consuming?

Yes and no. I have all the ingredients where I need them. The rosemary vinegar did need two weeks to steep, but it took about five seconds to make it and then forget about it. When I get home the first thing I do is steep two bags of tea. The shampoo only takes about five minutes to make; I just do it all before I go up to the bathroom. Oh, and did I mention it's really, really, really fun?

Why three recipes?

Variety? Well, not really. There are pros and cons for each recipe I use. The oats give amazing gloss and shine, but washing it out is pretty hardcore and it might damage my hair if I do it every day. I think the honey/sugar scrub is best and cleansing (no more scritching, which was pretty gross), but honey mixes with water to create oxygen bleach that is slowly lightening my hair; which is not bad, but not something that I want to happen too rapidly. Applesauce is best for softness, but some consider it more as a detox than something to be used every day. A little bit of everything.  

But you had nice hair anyway...


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